We understand that litigation can be a stressful process. Use our experienced, reliable lawyers to help make the process as smooth as possible.

With over 30 years' successful experience providing advice in all manner of civil litigation.





We handle all civil litigation matters and some criminal matters. Members of the firm appear in the High and District Courts and all tribunalWe can assist you with all your civil litigation needs, including but not limited to:o:


Tort                                                                                     Property Disputeses


Negligence                                                                         Companyl/ Director / Shareholder Disputeses


Nuisance                                                                            Business Purchasese


Defamation                                                                           Misrepresentations


, Money had anreceived                                                      Injunctions


, SummarJudgment                                                             , MandatorInjunctions


Contract                                                                                , Quia TimeInjunctions


AdmiraltysJurisdiction                                                            , MarevInjunctions




                     Andsmoret-ncometinstodaynto discussoyour individualecircumstances.


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