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"Over the last 6 months I have been working closely with David Becker over the sale of my shares in a business. It was a particularly difficult and complex situation that lasted for a number of months. David's whole approach has been excellent, not only does he have an in-depth grasp of the legal issues but also brings a commercial head to the table which is unique. It has been a pleasure working with him and I look forward to doing so in the future."



Howard R





"I am very pleased to have such a very clever and smart lawyer acting for me."






"Thanks … - great job."












"Thanks again for all your help and prompt responses - you've been fantastic!   I will definitely be recommending Becker and Co …"





"That is fantastic news! Thank you so much …Thanks again for everything!"





"Thanks … - great job."





"Thanks a lot for helping us for this and your attention to detail and help are very impressive."





"RE: XXXX:- YYYY Manufacturing Service Agreement

Hi David,

Very clear and concise, exactly what I needed. Will let you know the outcome in due course."






"Like those of us that are 2nd generation cell phone users, my requirements from a Solicitor have changed over the years. As an entrepreneur I follow the strict rule of distancing myself from those who lose you money, and so in hot pursuit of this principle, the search for a 2nd generation Solicitor ended at the doors of Becker & Co.


David Becker and his team are simply fantastic. What I like best is that David will not take a job on at face value; he will always probe, test and query to determine if there is a superior way to achieve the required end result. His team is efficient and friendly, and his Wellington CBD location makes it very easy to drop off paperwork as and when required.


I consider David’s team to be a valuable asset to my organization as I plan to move our businesses forward in 2004. I would be delighted to highly recommend Becker & Co to you as the best choice for all of your legal requirements."


Mike R.





"Hi there,

We would like to thank David Becker and his team of professional legal advisors for all the hard work and excellent services they always provide.


We would also like to congratulate David for having such a friendly and professional team of experts.


David, your team provides honest, caring and top of the scale legal services.

We wish you all the best and we always trust your professional advice."


Kind regards

Siavash J


Razmitech Information Technology



"Although I am a qualified lawyer myself, I chose to use Becker & Co for the commercial, international and property work I have a need for on an ongoing basis in the course of running our multi-national digital entertainment company as I have found their ability to 'cut to the chase', provide very thorough and in-depth legal research, and provide an answer to the over-riding commercial ramification questions I am really asking is second to none."


Dave J




"… would also like to take this opportunity to thank … you for the excellent service you have rendered … very impressed with [the] handling of this case … I will definitely be recommending your law office …."



















"This is really good news - thank you very much for the assistance so far.


Thanks once more!"






"A HUGE thank-you for your help. ......I feel the need to go out and celebrate. you have been fantastic."






"Thank you very much for your speedy report. I found it comprehensive and reassuring... I can confirm that I intend to continue using your services."






"Thank you very much for your help with this successful outcome!


Kind regards"





"Excellent! ..."





"就在我的工签差点被拒签,我的前任移民代理一筹莫展的时候,我们抱着最后的希望的态度,找到了百可律师事务所(Becker & Co) 。 该所的律师包括Becker大律师在内的几个律师,齐心协力,通力合作,帮助我的个案。他们重新审理了我的案件,找出了合理的解决方案。结果不出一个星期,我的工签就批下来了。这里我要非常感谢百可律师事务所的律师们。我要说你们的专业服务是一流的。


When my work visa application has nearly been rejected, my former immigration agent did not know how to deal with the matter. I am without hope and went to Becker & Co. Several lawyers including Mr Becker, the principal, cooperated and reviewed my case, and came up with a very skilled approach. Guess what, in a week time, I got my work visa. Here I thank all the lawyers who contributed to my case and I would say your professional service is first class.



"That is fantastic news! Thank you so much for your help. ....


Thanks again for everything!"





"I visited New Zealand in early 2004 by visitors visa. And then I applied one year work visa. While I applying my work visa, I told immigration officer that my daughter is under 16 years old, and she is not in a safe situation and I am the only guardian. So immigration officer is very kindly offer me a 3 month return work visa for me to go back China to get my daughter to New Zealand. The day I landed I handed in my daughter’s visitor’s visa application. To my surprise, the immigration officer in Beijing office rejected it with the excuse of my daughter had the intention of migration. I came back to New Zealand hopeless. Till August my daughter faced difficulty in China. I can not help her but …


My aunt took me to Becker & Co. After I told The Principal David Becker all my difficulties, He resolutely decided to apply a student visa for my daughter. During the process of her application, the immigration officers in Beijing office still tried very hard not to give her a student visa. David applied the laws to fight with Beijing office and its supervisor. David based on the facts, applied the laws, and defended the dignity of the law. He shows his advanced professional level and he has a kind heart. While he processed the case he also enrolled my daughter to a high school. With the great help of David, Finally my daughter’s case was approved just before Xmas eve (24/12/2004). Now my daughter is happily living and studying in New Zealand. My family and I sincerely thank David Becker. You’ll be remembered for ever.





非常感谢Mr. David G. Becker 大律师为我的案子成功所做的一切。


我递交技术移民申请已经过19个月。我一直都是自己和移民局联系。结果每次得到的答复都是 “正在审理中” 。万般无奈下,我找到Mr. David 大律师。他很快就安排了我与移民官见面。见面后一周我就顺利的拿到了居留权。





"Thank you very much to all the effect [you have] done for the success of my immigration application.


I applied permanent residence 19 month ago. Every time I contacted the immigration office myself, I got “under process” answer. I have no other choice but tried Becker & Co and met David. He then quickly arranged a meeting with the immigration officer. Just a week after the meeting, she approved my application and I got my PR.


Without your help, I do not know how long it would my case last. Thank you very much.



"俩个月前,由於某种原因,致使移民局取消了我的工作签证。在关键时刻是Becker & Co 律师事务所的David 大律师接收了我的案件。使我重新的取得了工作签证。在此真诚的表示感谢。


So excited to hear that. First of all, I would like to thank you for everything you've done for me. I believe without your help I might leave New Zealand few month ago. Fortunately, I got it. Thank you very very much!


Please say also pass my appreciation to Mr. Becker and all staffs of your company. Thank you!



"To David Jenkins and the people who helped us with our case. We want to say THANK you for helping us to get back to Perth. We really appreciate it and may God bless you all. You all did a good job.





"Two months ago, the immigration service cancelled my work visa. At that very hard time, David from Becker & Co helped me with my case, and made me get back my work visa. I am here writing to say my sincere thanks to you."

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