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Our lawyers are skilled in all methods of handling disputes.  As the best approach will depend on the specific circumstances, we will work with you to analyse your claim and determine the best path to pursue or resolve your dispute.


We have the experience to escalate your claim and take or defend proceedings if required to protect your interests.  Members of the firm act in the courts and tribunals and can guide you through the process.  


We also have extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration.  We are regularly involved in successfully negotiating settlements.


Becker & Co Ltd handle all civil litigation matters and some criminal matters.   Contact our expert team for more information and to determine how we can assist you with pursuing or resolving your dispute. 



Property Disputes

We have extensive experience advising on all manner of property disputes including complex unit title and cross lease issues, property sharing, breaches of contract, misrepresentation, injunctions, actions for specific performance, landlord and tenant issues, lease disputes, disputes over retaining walls, wrongly placed structures, fencing, easements and covenants.

With many of these issues it is imperative that you act promptly to determine your rights and obligations and take appropriate steps to protect your position.  We can assist to identify the issues and advise on first steps. 


Relationship Property

Relationship property matters can be complex and may involve all manner of assets including one or more houses, rental properties, commercial property, interests in companies, shares, trusts, farms and so forth.  We have acted successfully on all of these matters.  We can assist you to negotiate a settlement agreement, to mediate or pursue court proceedings if required. 

Please contact us to discuss your situation.


Company, Partnership, Lease & Commercial Disputes

We act on company, commercial, shareholder, directors duties, minority shareholder disputes, commercial property, breach of contract, landlord and tenant, contractor and employment issues and all manner of disputes arising therefrom.   


Family Protection, Testamentary Promises, Trust and Estate Claims

If you feel you have been unjustly excluded from an estate, it is important that you act quickly to assert your rights.   We can assist you to determine whether a claim is appropriate and to pursue or defend a claim under the Family Protection, Testamentary Promises, Property (Relationships) Act or to challenge a Will for undue influence or lack of testamentary capacity.  

Trustees are now under increased obligations to the beneficiaries of a trust including to provide information and comply with various duties.   Whether you are defending or taking an action, we have acted on many of these matters and would be pleased to discuss with you how we may help.


Debt Collection

Chasing debtors and resolving debt related disputes can be costly, stressful and time consuming.   We advise individuals and corporates on a number of options and processes for debt recovery.  In some cases, a letter of demand from your solicitor is all that is required to motivate a debtor into making payment.   If court proceedings are necessary, we can advise creditors on court processes, draft and file court proceedings and obtain and enforce court judgements against debtors. 


Other Matters

Other matters we act on include tort, employment, negligence, nuisance, contractual disputes, misrepresentation,  applications for summary judgement, specific performance,  injunctions and all civil litigation.    Please contact us to discuss.