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General Tax Advice
Binding Ruling Applications
Negotiation with IRD

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Our specialist tax advisor has 25 years' experience in tax law and has given advice to numerous companies, individuals and entities. He has advised at all levels, from major cross-border financing structures down to local GST issues.

Independent Opinions

We will review your tax position independently from anyone promoting "tax efficient structures" and provide independant legal advice on any IRD challenge.
We are also happy to work in co-operation with  your accountants to review and advise on more technical legal issues.

General Tax Advice

Are you a property investor? Are you contemplating subdividing to provide some funds for retirement?  Are you up to speed with the application of the new "brightline" rule?

There are tax traps for the unwary in many ordinary transactions and undertakings. We can help you to navigate the rules to ensure legal compliance and to avoid the unnecessary surprise impost that can arise when something is undertaken the wrong way.


Binding Ruling Applications

Do you need tax certainty before committing to a major transaction? We can prepare your application for a binding ruling, advise on and present the applicable law, and take your application through the process to completion.


Negotiations with IRD

Is there a problem? IRD issues can often be resolved more easily once they know they are dealing with an experienced and independent professional. 


Tax Disputes and Litigation

When the application of the law is uncertain, and it's worth the powder and shot, we will give you a realistic assessment of the chances of success and take the case in the review authority and the courts as necessary.